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Deep Occupational Therapy for mood and movement.

reasoned and uncluttered.



Be open minded, try for a beginner’s mind.

Be skeptical, too.

It’s too easy to spout new age talk.

Experience the modalities, and then remember what works and what makes sense to you.

Holistic treatment should not challenge your religious beliefs. It is not a required system of any religion but is a universal call to wellness. As your body/mind clears you will most likely embrace your roots more fully (religious and otherwise). It is not about beliefs but self-study and experience.

Wellness and illness are not localized problems. We are open systems. A change in one component will affect many other systems including emotional, energetic, muscular, vestibular, etc. What you think, how you sleep, what you believe, what you say to yourself, and your adherence to mission-directed behavior or lack thereof, these are fundamental.


Deep Stress Management


Our negative reactions to events past, present and future prime us for action. Besides increasing the rate of respiration, our skeletal muscles also mobilize with increased tone. Due to the nature of many of our traumas (many are non-physically threatening), the contraction of these muscles is a waste of energy. Our entire visceral engine also bears the weight of these emotional processes. Learning to redirect your awareness from the turmoil is requisite in achieving rebalance. Utilizing breathing techniques, focusing on certain areas of the body, and intentional visualization are also foundational in universal holistic care.


Keys to mind/body practice


The techniques aren’t magic.

Your intention and attention is.


As a “receiver” of mind/body practice, what is your intention?


Healing, Relaxation, Strengthening, Emotional control, Increased self-knowledge, Decreased pain, Self-actualization? Other? …


There is a wealth of seemingly contradictory information in the healthcare/wellness setting which includes: the most proper posture, the best way to breath, the most therapeutic way to move associated with breathing,  what body parts to focus on for improved self-healing, what to visualize, etc.


As a “giver” of mind/body practice, what is your intention?

(First, a beginner’s mind is necessary, look at each situation with new eyes.) You need to understand enough of each modality to have “specific” intentions.  You also need to create a reason or model that you can communicate that deals with its’ healing properties. Whether your thoughts or reasons are eventually proven right or wrong, you need to try. The treatment will still work as it always had, but reasons eliminate any contradiction today.